For over fifty years, Mongomar has been a real estate leader in Denia and La Marina Alta

MONGOMAR can offer you the very best villas, plots, and real estate developments.  This competitive edge has been achieved through years of making people’s hopes and dreams become a reality. People, just like us, who want to enjoy the best the Mediterranean has to offer with friends and family.

A family Business since 1973 

MONGOMAR was founded by Benito Caudeli when Denia and the surrounding areas were still dependant on agricultural and fishing. However, these industries were fast diminishing, and this was threatening the livelihoods of Benito and many other residents. 

Both forward-thinking and entrepreneurial, Benito saw an opportunity that would transform the business prospects for the region and the lives of foreigners who were starting to discover its exceptional beauty.

Pioneering in his approach, Benito travelled to international tourism fairs. At a time when other residents hardly ever left the Costa Blanca, Benito was talking to potential tourists in their hometowns. He was getting to know them, their lifestyles and how he could use this information to build their personalized dream properties. He called these “homes with soul,” that beheld the very essence of those living in them.

“At the time Spain was still a dictator so most Germans were scared invest in the country, but we met a man called Benito who was so kind, trustworthy and knowledgeable that all our worries disappeared. Thanks to Benito, we fell in love with Denia, the surrounding countryside, the culture, the food, and the people.” Gerhard Wolf, one of Mongomar’s first ever clients.

With its breath-taking Mongo Mountain backdrop and its idyllic beaches with warm Mediterranean waters, Benito launched his real estate company. He called it MONGOMAR to encapsulates the splendours of this region. 

A business philosophy based on a personalized service 

Today, three generations on, we pride ourselves in continuing and building on this philosophy. Each and every property that we build is tailor made for the individual customer. Our adaptable designs together with our focus on innovative technologies and customer-led project management, results in a premium and original property every time. 

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More than 50 years of experience

Our extensive experience in the construction industry selling houses and plots of land means you can rely on us to build your dream home in the location perfect for you and your lifestyle. 

Expert Advice

We offer you advice at every stage of your project. We manage all the steps from the initial consultation, through planning and construction, and onto an impeccable after sales service. We pride ourselves in providing you with a stress-free experience and a dream home like no other. 

The perfect spots

Mongomar selects and reserves the most sought-after locations to carry out your project. We look for the very best enclaves throughout the region.

Leadership in the sector

Our extensive experience in the construction sector and the sale of properties and land allows us to offer you the most beneficial and cost effective options for your specific project. 

Land and plots

We have residential, industrial, commercial, countryside and developable land in different parts of the Marina Alta, both on the coast and inland.

Specialized team

We have a highly qualified and specialized team that allows us to offer you a personalized and appropriate treatment to the different needs of each project.